PULS-V01 Silo Top Filter

silo filter small PULS V01 Silo Top Filter

how it works PULS V01 Silo Top FilterPneumatically filled material (sand, cement, calcite, etc…) cause big pressure when flow down the silo or hopper. The pressure of inside prevents the flowing and cause problems. Silo top filter is a best solution of pressure in silo, separate the dust and flow out separated air flow and drops back in it. The filter cartridges collect the dust and flow out separated air to outside the silo. Cleaning the filter cartridges provided by solenoid valves which has on-off periods lower than 1 sec. Every cycle blowing off at 6 bars air to the filter cartridges clean automatically by vibration and air jet effect.


silo filter PULS V01 Silo Top FilterThe filter cartridge separates the dust from the air flow and drops back into the silo after an integrated automatic reverse air jet cleaning system inside the weather protection cover has removed it from the filter elements. Specially designed by puls for the jet pulse silo top filter systems in the circular form. Cartridge is polyester and Teflon-based material which has specially selected long lived, dust proof and never get a reaction with dust. Also increased the strength of filter cartridge by wires in the structure. Fixing can be done easily on the top side of jet pulse silo filter system by simple flange bolting.timer PULS V01 Silo Top Filter


Cleaning the dust from the filter cartridges, provided by “solenoid valves” which are blowing compressed air at certain periods. These are solenoid valves’s time to stay open (blowing time) and cycle of start up time of valves’s controlled by jet pulse filter timer. The dust collector system has 8 output on board which may be expanded to more outputs through the collection of filter timer cards. Jet pulse filter timer designed by Puls Electronic Co. Ltd.


filter parts PULS V01 Silo Top Filter1.  Industrial Handles
2. Solenoid Valves
3. Circular Filter Cartridges
4. Gasket
5. Flange
6. Stainless Steel Body
7. Transport-Lift Lug
8. Pneumatic Piston
9. Electrostatic Painted Hood






Technical Specifications


Filter Surface

Height When Closed

Height When Open



24,5 m2

800 mm

1850 mm

80 kg